River Kent

Brief description of fishery:

The River Kent starts its life in Kentmere Reservoir in the valley of Kentmere. It flows through several villages, one of those being Burneside, where it meets the River Sprint. A mile or so downstream it joins the River Mint at a place known as the Meetings at the Gravel Trap. From here these two small Rivers become the River Kent. The River Kent flows on, down through the old market town of Kendal only 20 miles from Morecambe Bay estuary. The River has many waterfalls and weirs, which migratory fish have to negotiate.

The Kent is one of the fastest flowing, spring-run Rivers in the country. As the River flows through the countryside, there are some beautiful views, scenes of weirs and waterfalls. Wildlife is abundant, a variety of birds including Kingfishers, squirrels, river habitat and otters are all to be seen. Some Anglers take time out to paint or sketch the scenery to take the memory home!

The River Kent is a designated Salmon River by the EEC. This being so, the water quality is kept at the level acceptable to that governing body. Also, English Nature has designated the River as a Special Site of Scientific Interest as the River supports the habitat of the White Clawed Crayfish and White Pearl Mussel. The Kent is the only River in the country able to do this. We work hand in hand with English Nature and the Environment Agency to promote the protection, ecology, and future of these endangered species.

Please remember that the footpaths leading to our Fisheries are private together with the actual Fisheries. They are not open to the general public.

Kent angling association offers approximately 8 miles of double bank Game Fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, and Brown Trout, (Stocked & Wild). Depending on the time of year methods permitted include Fly Spinning and Worm.

The River is not a Coarse fishery

Fishing for Salmon starts on the 1st of February, (can be caught but must be returned unharmed until 16 June), but really takes off from June onwards until the end of October depending on the water! A typical Kent Salmon would be between 4-8 pounds but in recent years Catch Returns have shown fish being taken up to 20 pounds in weight.

Sea Trout start running the lower reaches of the River around May with some good sport in July and August. They average between 2-4 pounds with bigger fish have taken up to 10 pounds from time to time.


Both North and South of kendal, cumbria

Access & Parking

Parking for members is offered in a number of secure designated car parks, there is also the option for visiting anglers to use various public parking locations along the river.


  • Salmon
  • Sea Trout